9 Courage

A lone traveler
Takes stock of the view
Traversing terrain
Ever fresh and new.

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This traveler, having called upon inner courage, stands between the rushing river and the rolling, rocky hills. Surrounding the traveler are stones of power, marked with symbols of the sun moon and planets, representing life force, emotional fortitude and expansion.

If you have chosen Courage, you are being reminded of your inner power to face your fears and transcend them. Instead of your fears controlling you, as they do at the unconscious level, you can change your life by confronting, embracing, and then controlling and eliminating the grip fear has on your life.

Courage is the power to risk. Risk is the power to change. No significant change can occur without risk. No risk can be taken without courage. While the safety of routine keeps us in a comfort zone, it deprives one of the adventure and excitement of the boundless possibilities of experience. Because fears of safety keep us limited in our experience of life, they, therefore, limit our minds and perspectives.

Calling upon the power of courage opens up the potential for exercising our power, discovering inner strength and ultimately, manifesting creativity, joy and enrichment. The exercise of courage builds the confidence to try, to explore, to meet your challenges, test your abilities and hone your skills. The outcome is to feel the thrill of life, a freedom of expression and the strengthening and renewal of your spirit.

We are all lone travelers, but with courage we can walk our different path, be fully immersed in the present, risk a new and possibly dangerous experience, transcend artificial limitations/barriers and have a zest for life. Armed with the staff of courage, the traveler can traverse all terrains with caution and responsibility. It is then that we find the true path in life and a life that makes a difference.