8. Transition

Upon eons of ages
Young portals bud,
Hearts opening
And flowering
Out of the mud.

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Change is the key word here. The heavy, old log represents the past, upon which rests a bountiful bud and within it a white, round disk embossed with a code. Near the budís base is an eye stone signifying new awareness. At the foot of the log is an omega stone, symbolizing the end of this great, heavy history. Next to the omega stone lays a crystalline cradle stone, open and receptive. Beside it the Goddess stone, and company of colored beach glass, lay in an envelope of thick, old leather beginning to open.

The log is flanked by an ancient cave structure from which emerges a stone with the continent of Africa naturally outlined on it. This symbolizes the emergence of truths regarding our roots to our earthly motherland. The opaque, white glass before it represents this enlightenment. From this springs a great branching portal coming from the past, represented by several 400 million-year-old fossils, along with the Goddess stone symbolizing a view of the future. Out of the great open portal are two feathers together, black and white, and below it a smooth heart indicating polarities in a cooperative spirit based on love. The large stone at the end represents the cosmos, speckled with stars and planets as as a view of the vastness of the universe.

If you have chosen Transition, you are being given good news, however unsettling it may seem. The lies and heavy rule of the past are ending, and budding forth is a new, more positive way of living. New truths are emerging which bring the light of spring after a long hard winter. The old is inert, while the new is active, moving toward a time of awareness of our galactic relatives and universal Oneness.

Transition always shakes things up. Donít be afraid of new ideas, the old ones arenít working anyway. Itís time for a paradigm shift. You may feel your safety at risk, but thatís because change feels different and uncertain. Remember the key is Ė nothing is certain. Learn to accept living with uncertainty.