On The Move

7. On The Move

Forward our Guide leads
Us on the Path….
Leaving dead dregs
In the aftermath.

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The direction is Ahead, implying a need to leave the past behind as it no longer serves your need for growth and development. The guide points the way and you must trust the lead. A safe nest for the Goddess stone suggests you have an ally to enhance your vision. The feather and bird wing remind you of the freedom of flight and protection on your journey.

The fossil and craggy log represent your past; they remain unchanged. You have learned what you need from it and you must move on. You have made the decision, now you must trust your guide and move in a new direction, however uncertain it may feel.

You can never be assured of the outcome or destination, rather, learn to live with uncertainty and be actively involved in the journey. Build courage, strength and trust. When and if you “arrive”, you will be prepared for it through the quality of your journey.