6. Mutilation

Changing planet forming
Genes of mutation
Disturbing the balance
Of Nature’s creation.

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Here is a creature with a distorted beak-like malocclusion. Having survived years of adaptation to its environment, it now faces extinction. It can no longer obtain and process nourishment due to its deformity. It is surrounded by beautifully unusual stones. The green streaked stone symbolizes the ecology. Great sadness is stirred by the sight of this innocent victim.

Aberrances of this kind are becoming increasingly prevalent among many animal species. Toxins from pesticides and chemical wastes have carelessly been dumped into the waters of Earth. Other poisons are continually filling the air we breathe. Humans have devastated the planet in their greed and need for instant gratification. Powerful poisons of many kinds are now everywhere in the environment. We can see mutations in the offspring of birds, amphibians, fish and mammals. Humans, too, are being affected as the increasing number of chemicals consumed and inhaled has resulted in physical, emotional, behavioral and mental imbalances.

If you have chosen Mutilation, you must face greed’s grim reality and recognize your role in this tragedy. Are you the villain or the hero? If you are careless about the use of products which ruin the environment, if you waste precious commodities like paper, water, fuel, and food, you are an accessory to the crime, aiding and abetting the criminal. If you are unaware of the outcome of such behaviors, focus upon this mutilated animal and know that you are responsible.

To be the hero you must be eco-aware. You must know what chemicals are in the products you consume. Seek out natural alternatives. Read labels. Advocate change to organic farming/gardening, growing hemp to replace paper products and preserve trees, and using only those products that are considered “green,”i.e., safe to the environment. Join and contribute to a group which informs and works for change in protecting our precious environment. Your participation is crucial. Time is running out. Shortages of toxic-free land, food and water are upon us and will soon reach catastrophic proportions.

Only when you live consciously will others follow suit. Teach by your example. Choosing Mutilation may also signal that you need to correct a serious problem looming in you life. Identify it and find the solution. On each avenue of amelioration, foresee consequences. Which choice raises you to your higher self to discover the remedy? Go there now.