Fresh Start

5. Fresh Start

Out from the crevice
Perchance to see
If all is evolving
As it should be.

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Here we find an amphibious creature that has recently emerged from the security of its cozy dwelling to explore the outer world. At the mouth of its home lies a magical Goddess stone through which the creature peers to glimpse a perception of the future, in preparation for entry into the open. Next to the Goddess stone, a smooth, yellow stone and a white feather symbolize gentleness, and light from within. Above the cove is the serpent of healing, protecting both the inner and outer worlds. Near the tail of the serpent lies the organic cone of cognition filled with seeds of new life. Between the head of the serpent and tail of this creature stands a 400 million year old fossil embossed with chain-like remains of our ancestors from the sea. This represents the link between the vast past and the present. At the tail end is the rose colored, open eye stone of positive vision. With these gifts the creature has crept over the edge to risk a greater view of the sea of emotions spraying up to meet it, while its home rests safely on Terra Firma. Being amphibious, this creature can accommodate both worlds. If you have chosen Fresh Start, you are in association with this amphibian. These beings are rapidly disappearing from our environment. They are highly sensitive to the quality of the environment and with recent information being revealed from Sumerian texts and legends of the star Sirius, may be part of our galactic ancestral form.

This particular creature has been afforded divine protection and is prepared to experience the outer world with a rich inner strength. The view is both perilous and refreshingly enticing. You are ready to venture into this world. Because of your increasing rarity, your special gifts are all the more needed to enable others to develop their strengths and talents to survive and evolve in the ever-changing sea of life. You can retreat from overwhelming turbulence to your safety on solid ground where you reinforce your inner powers, emerging again stronger and increasingly adept at coping with the many unpredictable moods of Great Mother. Each venture becomes a Fresh Start on your journey through life.