4. Emergence

An ancient egg
Ready to crack
New life emerging
With no turning back.

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The egg, in its nest of dried shoreline plant life, symbolizes new life. Within this egg is a composite of all attributes and potentials from the beginning of all life, as well as, the unlimited potential yet to be realized. Its white color represents spiritual enlightenment. The color orange of the fibers of the nest represent the second chakra’s qualities of creativity and spiritual expression. This nest and egg are resting within a cavity formed by a bird’s protective wing, who directs its attention to the egg, within which the embryo has reached maturity.

Organic buds, providing abundant seed, grow nearby protected by trees, shrubs and mountains, Further left, a dark being awaits in the shadow, surveying the flowing terrain upon which moon-shaped fossils and a womb-like circle fossil are found. These represent the ancient collective unconscious. The delicate, hexagonal chambers of a Devonian coral fossil is in the honeycomb structural foundation of life. The area is guarded in the rear by a long, white, smooth shepherd’s staff of enlightenment to be used as guidance and support.

If you have chosen Emergence, you have developed to a level where your spiritual being is to begin a new life in Light. You can no longer live within your shell. You can never return to your previous state. You have evolved to this new day. You are being attended to \by your environment to be nourished and nurtured in your growth.

This evolution is firmly supported and cannot be taken away or denied. The new birth is a commitment to grow. Resting serenely upon a solid log, surrounded by refreshing, life-giving waters, your new spiritual life is about to take form. Nurture this blessing. Surround this birth with positive reinforcement to break forth into a creative life with purpose.