Higher Soul

36. Higher Soul

Wondrous wings
About to take flight
To higher realms
Of knowledge and Light.

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Expansive wings are spread in preparation for imminent flight. Upon the tip of each wing is a water-aged smoothed glass form, one, illumined clear white as of higher knowledge and consciousness, and the other a luminous green of love, peace and harmony.

This great being is crowned with cosmic antennae and a green glass headpiece and yoke signifying the highest integration of higher mind with spiritual love. Before it lies a stone erupting in raised, radial, white petals, similar to the lotus blossom symbol of universal peace, meditation and bliss.

The solid, heavy elongated base is strewn with 400 million-year-old Devonian Age fossils and more green glass pieces, representing primordial energies peacefully infused with time-worn beauty and unconditional love. The circular cavities at both the head and foot of the base represent many worlds within the universe. Upon the back of this evolved being is a stone with a raised form of a white bird in flight, representing rising to higher spiritual realms. The graceful spiral body is surrounded by feathers. At its tail rests a stone with concentric rings, forming a three-fold sacred circle of protection. The center circle represents a pure heart, the second ring is the power circle of the highest aims and determined will, and the third ring is that of wisdom. Just below is a cavern holding the Goddess stone of protection and higher perception and a honeycomb fossil, representing the interconnection of many worlds.

If you have chosen Higher Soul, you have, or soon will be, raised to a higher level of existence. You have learned through many lessons who you truly are and have found your connection to the oneness of the universe. You are no longer fragmented, you are whole. You have healed the wounds of life’s woes and know your soul. Through higher consciousness you have found unconditional love, inner peace and enlightenment. You are now prepared to receive the knowledge of Light.