Sweet Dreams

35. Sweet Dreams

Sailing smooth waters
From shallow to deep,
Smelling sweet breezes
Awakening from sleep.

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A nautical scene is the theme here; a sailboat gliding through the water in a steady breeze. Hitching a ride is a large aquatic bird, remaining secure in the serenity aboard. The great Goddess stone is at the helm, the captain of this ship. Another skipper sits at the bow, sunlight glittering on her body as the sweet chi in the air caresses her being. The restful sound of the rhythmic waves meeting the hull and of the air passing over the mainsail, are a musical lullaby.

Serenity is the essence here. To find it, you must be removed from the routine rush. Itís time for a break; perhaps a jaunt to a body of water, or a slow, soothing bath. Water has the effect of not only cleansing, but calming the body and mind. If you cannot be near water, visualize it, or meditate on this image and feel yourself relax. Bask in this peace and dream. Let this ambiance fill you. When you wake, bring the lullaby you learned with you and it will be heard by others.