Lambent Elegance

34. Lambent Elegance

Pieces of the past
Brought to shore,
Remembrance of time
Living evermore
In the chronicles of
Our unfolding.

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Graceful form and design are found sprinkled upon a streamlined base. Soft, but strong colors blend in harmonious flow. At center, is a slightly faded flower spray painted upon a smoothed shard of elegant dinnerware from the past, perhaps from a cruise ship or even a tall ship sailing the Great Lakes. Beneath the orange buds of the bittersweet, a delicate, spiral-shaped shell is partially covered by a seagull feather, whose tip touches a 400-million-year-old Devonian fossil. The layered heart also speaks of ages upon ages of time, gracefully shaped by the constant and sometimes crude, caress of sea waters. Sea-blue glass, worn smooth by later years, appears as refreshing water droplets. Another fine, honeycomb fossil brings further beauty to this piece with its white, crystallized lacework glittering in the sunlight. The burnt sienna, elongated, light wood teardrop is tipped by color-matching designs on a white, round, very smooth stone. Elegance is in each single piece and also in the combined whole.

If you have chosen Lambent Elegance, you are being reminded of the elemental elegance of nature and time. Each of these pieces has survived way beyond human life spans and yet maintains grace, poise and beauty. Each is a composite of quite different ingredients, each with a unique history. Having been tossed about, heated and frozen, formed and reformed for eons, their evolution suggests beauty and love.

We, too, can survive the great turmoil of time if we do not separate ourselves from the essence of the natural elements. “Growing old gracefully” is suggested here, reminding us that each moment of our lives is a part of this process. Will your spirit reveal itself over time in beauty and elegance or in negative depletion? Long periods of anger, depression, jealousy and negativity indicate a resistance or inability to tumble with the turbulence of life to produce a fine polish. We must accept the bitter and the sweet in the process of living and giving; our lesson from the elegance of Nature. Then the feathers of gentleness become the wings to higher elevations.