33. Time

Twisted and turned,
Rounded and smoothed,
Time shapes our vision
As Wisdom is learned.

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Gentle curves are found in each component of this piece. This suggests flexibility within the elements to accommodate changing conditions. No sharp edges here. Smooth edges are created by friction over time. If a piece is rigid, friction will crack or break it. To remain intact an ease or flow must meet force. This is the basis of most of the martial arts. True also of an impending fall; resist it and something breaks. Along with curves, bends and twists, this piece also combines light and dark, the polar qualities of existence. One must know both to be whole. Each has its wisdom.

If you have chosen Time today, you are being reminded to ease your tension. You may be draining your energies attempting to counteract outside forces. This will cause illness and aging. The lesson of Time is to “roll with the punches”. Life is an ongoing challenge of meeting with opposition; accept this and learn how to cope. If you can “go with the flow”, fine. Sometimes, however, you have to fight. The wise one knows when it is time for action or inaction. Don’t give up your energy on a personal level, that’s not an honorable cause. When you do confront, be prepared to engage your whole self for a cause which will contribute to the soul of the world, toward enlightenment in truth, and in protection of the earth and all living beings. This is the way of the warrior who has learned from the past and works in the present within the current of the future.