32. Posterity

Forsaken remnants
From tree to sea,
Reflections of what
Life used to be.

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Wooden remnants from an imagined life are brought together here to remind us where they’ve been. They have in common their origin as trees. The oblong log sits in the center. Upon it lies a stone with the yoni symbol. Yoni, from the ancient Sanskrit meaning “womb of the world”, is generally recognized as the female goddess symbol of creativity, our collective primordial past. Above, an arch pointing to the cosmic universe, and suspended from this point, is the Goddess stone. One foot of the arch stands in the hole of a pin rail used in the rigging of a schooner that once sailed these waters. Next to it is part of an old scrub brush which swabbed the deck of a ship of the past. History comes alive in these artifacts.

If you have chosen Posterity, you are being awakened to a sense of history; an invitation to past reality, the predecessor to the present. The past presents lessons for us to ponder. How did we get here, where did we come from and what changes have taken place? We can only begin to comprehend the present when we have knowledge of what came before us. If history does, in fact, repeat itself, how will we know? If we are to evolve, how will we know from where or what?

Posterity also speaks of strength and power which lasts and will continue. On a personal or global level, we must realize that what is formed today may impact the future for long periods of time. Our decisions and actions should be determined by an understanding of history and responsibility to the future. The Iroquois tribe and others teach us that what you do today must be considered to effect the next seven generations. We must learn to live the present in the time current of the future, having learned from the past. In the fast forward pace of the present we must recognize the gravity of this concept. Have we set in motion the energy to destroy or evolve?