30. Fertility

Delicate designs
Of Yin and Yang
Heard when Mother Earth
Sang her first song.

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Smooth balance of timeless strength and beauty is represented here. Upon a firm, aged base rests the knarled arms of time, embracing the intricate patterns of life forms, past and present. The half nutshell in its cradle represents Yin, as a symbol of the womb and birth. The shape of the intact crawfish shell reminds us of male Yang qualities and rests beside a large rounded stone, speaking to us of the endless cycle of birth and rebirth. The combination of the intricacies of Yin and Yang are uniquely complementary.

If you have chosen Fertility, you are to prepare yourself to find ways to create. Creating requires combining components in a fresh design. For each component, there is a complementary or opposing force. One is out of balance without the other. The tension that exists between polarities is the catalyst which stimulates creative solutions. Each force contains within it delicate designs, nuances that are lying in wait of your attention. Awareness is the key to innovation. The possibilities for combining and creating are boundless. Your body, mind and spirit are open to limitless development. You cannot find open portals if the gates are closed by living in the past or by fear of the future. Energy to explore the present is found in the NOW. Be there. The seed has been planted. Has the soil been prepared with nutrients for growth?