3. Innocence

Up from the froth
An invitation to play,
Precious moments left
In our life spanís day.

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A sea mammal rests upon the shore, gathering energy from the sun... Soon it will rejoin its playmates in joyful aquabatics. This gentle creature has no natural enemies, except humans, who have invaded their habitat, putting them in great peril.

This particular creature is unaware of the impending danger threatening its well-being. Just as well, since she is helpless in defending her right to be. So, her days are spent in a balance of play and rest, nurturing and receiving, interaction and solitude.

Our lesson here is to release fear and tension through play. Being too serious or allowing worry to absorb precious moments of your life, drains your energy and leaves you unable to feel joy and peace, or share it with others. Life is short, a fleeting moment in the cosmic scheme. Donít waste it in useless negativity. Yes, work hard, but play hard too! To refresh yourself you need to: 1. Put your problems on hold ( solutions will be easier to find when you are relaxed. 2. Stop worrying. 3. Be gentle with yourself and others. 4. Keep your sights positive. 5. Lighten up, laugh and have fun! Only then will you be replenished with the energy you need to cope with lifeís ongoing struggles.