29. Balance

Touching the Earth
Ready to soar,
Gathering poise
To ascend evermore.

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With wings outstretched, this bird has centered itself precariously, yet safely, upon a solid block of weathered wood. This piece is balanced upon a large decaying log which juts out into the waters. The equilibrium found here is created by the even distribution of weight and the delicate poise of posture in this bird’s placement upon the balance. Neither in landing or alighting has this winged being disturbed the precipitous balance as it peers out upon the vastness of space before it, It has developed poise and counterpoise with which to withstand the surrounding forces and maintain stability. Behind its left wing, a perfect round eye fossil rests hidden from view, signifying inner awareness. The smooth, yellow stone atop has a natural cradle-like opening, revealing delicate white crystals within. This represents the openness to receive energy, vibrations and influences on all levels. If you have chosen Balance, you are to be as this bird. You have lighted upon this plane to learn to develop balance. Your visit on Earth has exposed you to the polarity phenomenon. Every part has a counterpart. Every position has an opposition. The strain or friction between extremes is a catalyst which stimulates awareness. Balance cannot be achieved without perception of the wholeness of bipolar contrast. When tugging is felt from either side, there is a tendency to find comfort in compliance with one force while resisting the other, forming an antipathy rather than balance.

Balance is the art of reciprocal co-existence. Balance finds unification in biplicity. Each opposing force is weighed and a compromise is formed through synthesis. This is a major mission of our life’s experience. The lesson is learned through: 1) the friction of awareness, 2) the weighing of attributes along their polar axes, 3) the mutability to ease the tension through transcendence, and 4) peace developed through detachment, the lifelong task of compensation. Understand oppositions as complementary. Denial defies balance and pushes the pendulum to its extremes. Peace is the reconciliation of extremes. Having learned the lesson of balance, truth emerges. The feather of Maat (truth) upon the scale measures the delicate equilibrium you have developed in your life. On the mundane level, you are to evaluate how your body and mind might be out of balance. Are you eating a “balanced” diet? Are you allowing a balance of exercise and rest? Do you spend equal time at work and play? Do you engage in as much mental concentration as you do in meditation and relaxation? Are you able to keep your emotions at an even keel? Are you “too” anything? Consider your mind-body profile. You have the power of intention to bring all aspects of your life into balance. Extremes of any kind can interfere with your ability to know truth. Finding balance is the key to living more naturally, without expending energies needlessly. You may wish to consult with a therapist to guide you through the process. Seek and you will find. Find and you will live more fully in this life, prepared for higher levels of learning.