Higher Consciousness

28. Higher Consciousness

Birth and rebirth;
Life revolving…
New light, new love;
Life evolving.

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The base of this piece is an aged, wooden scrub brush, perhaps from a tall ship which sailed the Great Lakes. Let it symbolize time past, a time of great adventure, hardship and toil. Upon it rests a nest with 400 million-year-old fossils from the Devonian Age. Let these symbolize the early beginnings of life forms on this planet. Within the nest also rests a pure white egg stone. Let this symbolize new life blessed by the Goddess stone beside it, its aperture shaped as an eye, representing third-eye vision of higher consciousness. Three arches form above the nest as cosmic streams of light returning to third dimension reality, bringing with them love, protection and spiritual attunement from higher dimensions. The smooth, oval, red stone with imbedded circles represents the root chakra’s vital energy to permeate the new birth. The Mother’s arms embracing the nest is Nature/nurturance. The spiral shell is a sign for DNA and the motion of ascending consciousness.

If you have chosen Higher Consciousness, you are being reminded of your potential to reach greater heights of awareness. You may have fallen into a routine which has you revolving instead of evolving. You are a galactic being with boundless capacity to love and learn. You need not be bound to tradition, culture or personality. Your soul raises above all earthly creations and connects you to higher dimensions. You are a star being. You need only to recognize and respect your being and becoming.

You can accelerate your soul’s evolution through your earnest search for truth; an ongoing life venture. Each day is a new birth revealing your path on this journey. An awakened soul sees past the illusion. The renewal of spirit gives rise to creativity; the spark of life which radiates from within. You can ignite the spark through your quest to evolve to higher consciousness.