27. Vigilance

Tending the flock
By day and night,
Alert, aware, keeping
All in sight.

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The figure in this assemblage is as a shepherd tending the flock. A sheep rests nearby and below, an interesting, however rugged, terrain. The shepherd stands at a higher level vantage point, with a staff to aid in traversing, as well as, for resting upon during extended periods of attentive stillness. The Goddess stone at foot reinforces the ability to see at a higher level with a broader view, opening one’s receptivity to underlying powers and energies.

The bird-like creature resting nearby symbolizes the need to see from a higher dimension. The arch represents the bridge between Earth and Sky and below it, the large smooth stone of subtle shades of gray, implies attention to subtle details…nuances.

Surrounded by both the strange and the familiar, you must not fear the former nor take for granted the familiar. Your attention is being called upon to see what is really there, not just the illusion. This implies a need for detachment, objectivity and caution.

The overall feeling of serenity comes from the combination of calmness while attending, a purposeful wakefulness, allowing one to “see”, feel and know that you are prepared to protect, supported by a discipline that enables accurate accounting, discriminating decisions, and independent responsibility.