26. Endurance

A solid stalwart
Built to last
Through tempestís rage
And ages vast.

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A nautical theme is suggested here, perhaps a ship at dock, or a great sea turtle. A great gull rests while searching the waters for sustenance. A certain peace exudes from the solid strength of ship and dock. This quiet serenity is, for the moment, a time to refuel, repair and restock. All in preparation for a continuing journey. If you have chosen Endurance, it is a lesson in preparation. One never knows when it will storm, but being in good repair, with proper provisions and equipment aboard ensures a good chance for survival with minimal damage.

Your body is your ship and you must maintain it for strength. You must fuel yourself with fresh foods, alive with nutrients. You must maintain a balance of activity and rest allowing the body and mind to grow and repair on a daily basis. Neglect proper maintenance and your ship will fail you when you need it the most. Will you wait until itís too late, or to be towed to rescue to find the damage to the hull is minor compared to the destruction to the engine?

Or will you cruise the waters of life, lolling in the lulls and remaining strong during the storms, to return to port many more times, enhanced by your adventures at sea?