25. Trust

Guides at the crossing
Showing the Way,
Fear of the dark
Passing by into day.

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Here, a labyrinth of sorts, presents a view of possible routes toward one’s destination. The figure on the left peers out ahead from the dark, in reticence. The blue-green glass around it suggests coolness and a need for personal space and slowness of movement. The figure cannot see what is farther ahead. Directly in front of it are irregularly shaped fossils signifying the reality of the past which must be passed across in careful awareness to reach the next step. Here stands a smoothed, white, bent stone whose formation fits snugly across the elevated wood form with an eye looking forward. This represents the spiritual gate of awareness and foresight. Beyond is an arch, and below it the form of a sentry pointing the way. The smooth, white, triangular stone before it represents the higher mind, body and spirit which lies just beyond and below the spiritual gate.

The first arch and white feather signify spiritual purity which comes before a second arch. Between the two arches lies a smooth stone with embossed white, leaf-like markings and behind it is a cone of seeds. This represents sustenance for continuing on the spiritual path. The second arch is a bridge to the next step. Before it, multi-shaped markings upon a stone tell of the variety of configurations possible in any situation.

If you have chosen Trust, you too, are emerging from the dark and peering out to what is ahead. You are unable to see what lies beyond the spiritual gate. You are reluctant to step forward because you want to know what lies ahead but is hidden from view. You fear that the unknown is more darkness, which is familiar yet uncomfortable to you. You feel alone in darkness and unsure about crossing through the spiritual gate into Light. You are at a crucial crossing in your life. You cannot be certain that your plans and wishes will be fulfilled. To cross the spiritual gate you must abandon your need to know outcomes. If you have reached a point where you intend to know your higher purpose, your crossing will be facilitated. Having crossed, you will gain vision of the hidden guides assisting you on your path. You have placed trust in your higher purpose. You will then be shown the way, step by step along your unique path. Sustenance to continue will be provided as you gain knowledge to develop your higher potential.

All life passes through darkness to reach light, a process of learning necessary for growth and acceptance of your individual task and responsibility while visiting Earth in this lifespan. Each day the Way is shown to those who intend to find it. Be aware and care. Prepare to dare to live and share.