24. Messenger

Goddess of mercy
To Earthlings portend,
A New Age is ascending;
Traditions to end.

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The messenger stands at the entrance of the cavern of hidden truths where the Goddess stone has been submerged in the high tides of centuries past. With the dawning of a new age we find the history of heavy seas has begun to subside revealing an omen of change.

The messenger proclaims and protects this discovery, announcing a time for new perspectives. The three green, opaque pieces of glass, worn smooth from attrition undersea, represent the new direction brought forth to guide the restoration and healing of planet Earth and its inhabitants. The first proclamation opens the portal to reclaim the feminine nature present in all beings. That is not to refute the power of the masculine, logical, left-brain attributes which have dominated history, but to bring back a balance with the feminine, artistic, intuitive, compassionate capacities; an egalitarian existence drawing upon the complementary strengths of the polarities.

The second proclamation pronounces the age of healing. The high tides of force, rage, dominance and greed roll ruthlessly across the fragile environment, extinguishing many life forms, mutilating many others and leaving in its wake the flotsam and jetsam of irresponsibility and ignorance. The time has come to reclaim our identities with Nature in reverence and responsibility. The third proclamation is that of spiritual renewal. The purple/violet Goddess shell stands nearby as a guide in our quest to reconnect our spiritual being with the great cosmic mystery, represented by two feathers reaching upward.

If you have chosen Messenger, you are being reminded that now is the time for change. Traditional beliefs must be called into question and scrutinized for their worth in our changing universe. Have we allowed technology to replace or define our souls? Have we lost contact with Nature, beauty and tenderness? Are we caught up in the race to continue our past only at an even faster pace? Are we creating a self-perpetuating monster? Stop! Find Nature, find beauty, and touch your soul. Then return to your life with balanced perspectives, responsibility for healing and inspiration to evolve. You then become the Messenger who can change the world!