Radiant Energy

23. Radiant Energy

Open, receptive…
In forward flow,
Pausing to refresh
And renew the Glow.

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Here we have an aerial view of three sets of legs stretched out prone as if basking in the rays of the sun. From the left, the second pair is shaded by the standing guardian of the space holding a white feather of purity. These baskers are in a state of total relaxation surrounded by the peace and fertility found in the green colored glass and the expanse of bright green seaweed about them. Open zebra mussel shells are scattered about the seaweed, washed up by high tide and left as the tide receded.

The baskers have time to rest and collect the regenerating energy of the shore and driftline, rich in phytoplankton and nutrients washed in by the waves. The driftline is an important food source for animals and insects and provides a fertile home for many plants to set root in the spring. The restorative nature of the water meeting the land has attracted these baskers to this location as a connection to their primal existence in the sea. Soon the tide will be in and the baskers will move, feeling refreshed and renewed.

If you have chosen Radiant Energy, you are to take a refreshing and needed break from your daily routine. Step out of time for a few hours to renew your energy. If you can find a place near water, or near green growth, go there. Leave your concerns behind and bask in the energy of life-giving waters and health-giving greenery. Breathe deeply the fresh air and drift off into a dream state. Open yourself to receiving the restorative energies of the sun and ecology about you. Slow yourself to where you can be so still as to notice the tiniest of insects moving about, where you can discover interesting stones or plants around you. Feel the peace of not thinking, but rather, feeling the space around you. If the weather or area cannot provide this environment for you, create your own. Focus on something green, a towel, pillow, picture or plant. Breathe in some fresh air by opening a window or taking a walk. Take in the rays of the sun, but don’t stay too long. As the incoming tide prompts the baskers to move on, so the devastating overexposure to the sun must move you out of the direct rays. The powerful radiation of the sun is no longer protected by the ozone layer. Due to humans’ lack of knowledge and concern for the environment, carbon fluorides have damaged this layer of protection, creating a health hazard from too much exposure to the direct rays of the sun. Limit your exposure and enjoy the health benefits of vitamin D, often lacking in the diet.

If you cannot get outdoors, surround yourself in the color green, breathe deeply and meditate or drift off into a non-thinking dream-like state. Stepping out of time in this manner allows the mind and body to regenerate. You will feel the difference as you return to your routine, prepared with refreshed spirit and an energized body.