21. Goddess

Gentle Her Way,
Hearing our sigh,
Blessing each day
As we reach high.

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The crowned Goddess here typifies the essence for which she has, for millennia, been deified, i.e., sensitivity, grace of life, love of beauty and nature, enchantment of a fairy world, nurturing, regeneration, peace and love. She is known as the Great Mother and the Queen of heaven. Her crown can also be seen as the horns of the sacred bull, the Neolithic Great Goddess symbol representing her power though the power of Nature. Goddess has, during both Neolithic and Chalcolithic old Europe and Minoan-Mycenean Bronze Age civilizations, permeated all aspects of life. Earth Mother was venerated by both men and women, and sometimes represented as genderless. In early creation stories she is Goddess-Mother, source of being, the serpent being another of her primary manifestations. Nammu, the Sumerian Goddess, who gave birth to heaven and earth, is expressed in cuneiform text by an ideogram representing sea, the principal of primal water associated with fertility and life.

There was never, in Goddess/feminine deity cultures, a domination over males. In Crete, circa 2000BCE, a spirit of harmony between women and men as joyful and equal participants in life, appears to have thrived. Minoan artwork reveals a delight in beauty, grace and movement, along with enjoyment of life and closeness to nature. The Goddess here represents all this. At her heart and root charkas are 400-million–year-old Devonian corals; early sea creatures and precursors to future life forms. On her right wing is a crescent moon-shaped fossil, another ancient symbol of intuition and femininity. On her left wing is a white, opaque, smoothed glass and a large white and pastel stone representing her purity. The white feathers are of the spiritual realm. Next to her crown of horn, the Goddess stone is tucked beneath her wing and the feather of black and white striation represents her influence upon the interweaving of opposites into a whole.

If you have chosen Goddess, you are being blessed by the presence and renewal of feminine spirituality which embraces all, dominates none. Both men and women are the children of the Goddess. Her image restores in us the spirit of giving and sharing. She enables joy to pervade through the peaceful coexistence of diversity. She encourages our sensitivity through the expression and appreciation of grace and beauty through the arts. She raises our consciousness from sadness, grief, negativity and fear of death to the ubiquitous joy of living. As you reach toward all that Goddess represents, you are sure to be blessed with the Spirit she represents. This strength of Spirit will guide you along your path of responsibility into Knowledge and Enlightenment. Nurture her Presence.