20. Recharging

A fortress found
In a power place
Strengthens spirit
In Earth and Space.

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Mystics from ancient times spoke of special spaces upon the earth where powerful energies concentrate. These places of power often became sites where certain ceremonies and rituals took place as well as places for meditation. Higher perception, another way of “seeing”, or conscious insights are known to occur, recharging one’s spiritual connection with the Great Mystery.

The figures in this assemblage have found a place in nature that speaks of times far past. Landscape similar to southwest North America is suggested here in a backdrop of rugged peaks of weathered rock. Smooth stones and fossils up from millenniums undersea remind us of the beginnings of life forms on Earth. The Goddess stone, with a perfect round hole through it, centers the area next to the perfect round of the fossil piece signifying the continuing cycle of birth and rebirth as does the healing serpent who allows its habitat to be shared. The tallest figure is the guardian of the space. However mysterious this power may seem, it is a safe and positive place to be.

If you have chosen Recharging for your meditation, you are being guided to seek a place where you can reconnect. You may need to take time to “get away from it all”, to get back to Nature, to commune with the spirits who live there in the true reality... You may have gotten too caught up in the mundane of counter creation of soul in the technical world or in giving your energies to others. It is time for a break. Take time for yourself. Find your power place in nature… a special tree, a garden, a park, a walk in the woods. Stop when you find the space that feels different, but right. Be there……..listen and feel. Don’t think, just be. You will be recharged with the positive energy you need to continue on your life’s path and replenish your soul.