2. Receptivity

Cosmic connections
Stream in and out
Surrounding with power
Free from doubt.

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Openness and reaching are portrayed here. The central figure’s cloaked arms are stretched wide as if awaiting an embrace with a loved one. Behind, her aura is spread open as the great, iridescent fan of a peacock reaching out in all directions. Attached to the fan are two antennae directed outward toward the cosmos, acting as receiver and transmitter. The white gull feathers represent spiritual purity

The surrounding environment is blessed by a miniature divine spirit seen at the right, and the substantial Goddess stone nearby. The open shell of a nut reveals intricate, empty chambers and touches the green and white smoothed glass, representing peace, harmony and light. The less evolved figure on the far left has awakened to awareness, turning around from sloth and inattention toward attention and receptivity.

If you have chosen receptivity, through intent you can become as this central figure, open to receive messages and omens that are just beyond your present perception. Empty your thoughts and be present in the moment. Cultivate silence.

Spread your senses and super senses out in every direction. Harbor no expectations. Let the hair of your body become as sensitive receptors. Cultivate patience. Be at peace with yourself and surroundings. Listen beyond the ordinary. Feel the moment. Slow yourself to a calm that allows a kind of detached bliss, free of fear, judgment and preconception.

Sense an awe of openness to the universe. You will begin to see, hear and feel the intricacies of all that surrounds. The trees, stones, plants and animals will sense your receptivity and you will connect your spirit with theirs.

You have become open to receive the supersensible. In this way you are prepared to commune with the spirits of others in this dimension, as well as, dimensions beyond. You have connected with the Great Mystery and will be filled with a sense of oneness and wonderment.