These paintings were created in a forest next to a spring-fed creek. JoAnna immerses herself and the paper in the creek water. As the paper takes on the creek water, organic matter, sand, small stones and water insects often come across the paper. After removing the paper from the water, and in a meditative state, pigment is added. No thought is put into the form of the painting, as the form naturally emerges from the color. The wet painting is hung in the forest overnight to dry. Elementals and Nature Spirits dance onto the painting and create images which are often not discovered until later. These flowing works of art have captured the soul of the environment and reveal both apparent and hidden images that are discovered upon looking deeper into the painting. The healing properties of the paintings purvey the healing qualities of the natural world.

JoAnna’s paintings are on display at Free Spirit Crystals
4763 N. 124th St. Butler, WI 53007

You can download more of the Paintings for a meditative slide show with sound.
Check the Purchase section of this website for details.