The Blurb

Great Lake Oracle

JoAnna's love of Nature continued to expand and connect
with her creative spirit. She began to explore all the Great Lakes' shorelines,
solo camping and beachcombing for interesting pieces. She then put these pieces
together into assemblages she called Beachscapes. Each beachscape emitted an
energy which took the form of poetry. A poem for each of the 36 beachscapes was
placed on a card. Then the beachscapes were photographed and a text was
written for each. The whole project evolved into a divination tool through
which Nature gave profound insight and advice, working through JoAnna as a medium.
These have been put together into a book and course in ecology and spirituality.
The book is titled Great Lake Oracle (GLO)
and is available by order (print on demand) from JoAnna.

Great Lake Oracle has been offered in workshops and is
used for giving spiritual and situational readings. It is used as an inspirational
and meditation guide. It can be used individually ,
in groups, in therapy sessions, and for the uplifting artistic presentation.

Using Great Lake Oracle

For guidance in a particular situation,
formulate a query mentally then click on any number 1-36.

For daily, sequential meditations, start with clicking on number 1
and follow each day sequentially.

For general guidance or inspiration, click on any number.

Read the poem, then concentrate on the overall
as well as individual components of each sculpture as you read the text.

Choose a Number

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Great Lake Oracle is copyrighted. Please do not copy or download any pictures,
poetry or text on this website without permission from JoAnna Graves