Eco-Art The Greek root of the word eco is oikos which translates as “home”. Nature is truly our real home. Eco-Art then is a reconnection with our primordial home through art. The healing energies of nature/ecology are transferred to humanity vicariously through art forms which remind us of our longing to return “home”. This longing has been masked by our fast pace of living in the unnatural world of machines, electronics, plastic, concrete and steel and by the loss of accessible natural environments in our daily living. This alienation from nature has deprived humans of their soul connection. This has led, in many cases, to attempts to control nature and even replace it with buildings, malls, dams, plastic, chemicals, concrete and steel which has led to massive die-offs of plants, animals and insects, a condition termed “eco-cidal violence”. This accounts for the environmental dilemma we face today. Eco-Art is created in and from nature and helps reawaken our connection to the beauty, magic and healing properties of Great Mother Earth reaching us at the soul level.

“The major premise of transcendental eco-wisdom is that connection with nature is essential for a person's intellectual, aesthetic, and moral health and growth. One must see and experience nature intimately, whether defined as the "not-me" or as landscape, to participate in the unity of Spirit underlying its visible processes. This connectedness is the basis of the self-reliance which determines how a person lives with integrity in nature and society.” Henry David Thoreau