19. Plight

Up from the sea
Flowing and free,
Pleading with humanity…
Let us be !

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This gentle baleen whale sings a woeful song mourning the loss of her family and friends. Her freedom in the seas has been encroached upon by humans. She seeks no prey, disturbs no environment, and harms no others. The green of the stones and smooth glass about her are symbols of peace, life, harmony and ecology. Yet her life is threatened by pollution, decreasing food supply, floating plastics mistaken for krill, fishing nets, and hunters who violate treaties of protection. She seeks only the right to be.

If you have chosen Plight, you are being summoned to attend to the needs of others whether in the form of plant, animal or human life, and most probably, all of them. You must become aware of the human impact upon the rights of all others to share this, once bountiful, earth. You are to become ecologically responsible for all life. You are to find ways to protect and improve the quality of life for all.

Most of our lifetime has been spent using other life to enhance our own. We take this for granted, never realizing our duty to preserve, return and share these gifts with all other creatures. As humans, we are not superior to any other life. All forms have a special niche which enriches Earth with diversity. We are all linked together in our pursuit to survive. We are all family. While some beings may seem strange or even frightening to you, they have the right to quality of life. We must respect this right for others no matter how different or insignificant they may seem to you. If more humans lived with responsibility and respect for others, we could co-exist, co-create and cooperate. This is the true meaning of the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Let us no longer be the promoters of plight but the co-creators of Light.