18. Transmuting

Hidden caves of the past
Revealed in the night.
Primordial birth
Springing forth into Light.

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Here we have an ancient amphibian emerging from its cave of protection and basking in the light. This creature reminds us of our earliest ancestors in transition from sea to land. It also calls forth primordial memories of human evolution. The human fetus develops through a sequence of forms and is amphibious in form in early stages, a sort of evolutionary time capsule, released from the womb at birth to the light. The limbs of this being are transmuting. Its right appendage is for land movement, and its left forms a wing. Its tail has a fin-like extension and yet another left side appendage appears as a flipper. The rose/peach colored sandstone is the tone and hue of the fetus’s environment. Below this creature’s head lies a fossil remain with fine-comb strands radiating outward from its center. This represents life force energy and power beaming outward in all directions. Before it, the empty chamber with the impression of a smaller predecessor…the record of time and form moving on. The composite transformation revealed here is a combination of primordial form mutating in adaptation to the environmental elements of water, land and air.

If you have chosen Transmuting, you are being confronted with the challenge of change for adaptation to our mutating planetary condition. Your body may need a fresh and different growth to facilitate your activities in an increasing range of experience. Is your body hindering your ability to access progression in the field of all possibilities? Can your body withstand the ravages of pollution and environmental upheaval? You must attend to its needs to support you in your transmutation. Out of the darkness of the past you also learn to transmute on the emotional level, examining feelings, either hidden or dormant, which are brought forth through introspection, regression, dreams, meditation, art and music, to the light of truth and examination. You are now prepared for your spiritual transformation. You have transmuted in form and feeling; a rebirth connected to new inspiration and higher levels of truth and joy, clinging no longer to the outmoded past, but rather, reaching out for discovery of new dimensions. In your efforts to transmute, be as persistent and disciplined as the alchemists of old, changing base metal into gold!