17. Unconscious

Ineffable dreams
Lurk in the mind
Answers to questions
We must find.

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Here we have a great owl, the symbol of wisdom, watchfulness, mystery, vision and the night. Her expansive wings are in silent flight as she finds her way through the forest. The eyes and faces of other covert, nocturnal creatures lurk in the background thicket as stones with fossil implants. In the side scene, a flexure of the layered lichen, stones and glass are all in winged contour, i.e., wings in the wings. This suggests motion, journey and transcendence. Welcome to dreamtime, the mystery theater of the unconscious. The sands of time and the swirling waters of emotion are the backdrop here, along with the support of the large white rock of enlightenment.

If you have chosen Unconscious, you are being invited to participate in your dreamtime drama. You are encouraged to travel with your astral body and soul into the dimension of symbolic guidance. By tapping into your unconscious, a powerful source of growth and balance can be brought to your conscious waking life. How can this be accomplished? First, you must intend, i.e., you must truly desire to recall your dreams. By preparing yourself before sleep, you can alert your mind to this task. Tell yourself you intend to awaken with the images and feelings of these scenarios. Second, linger in the half-sleep period before waking. Relax and let recall return. Try to be conscious of your mood quality. Listen to this feeling as it represents the unity of you and your soul before returning to the body where it becomes obscured by the waking world. Let this unity of soul and spirit weave into the body slowly so that the dream content can enter the body which, upon waking to consciousness, carries the dream into form. This slow transition allows the unconscious to become part of the conscious in a natural way so as not to loose the dream context. The images that emerge become symbols of the activity of the unconscious or the life process of the dream. This is the natural path to becoming more fully conscious.

Lucid dreaming is another process where the soul can become conscious with the dream process. Here, a strong intent is necessary before succumbing to the sleep state; and intent to become conscious while dreaming. With practice, one can learn to consciously control a dream direction and outcome. This brings another quality to waking life, a sense of knowing self more fully in its potential to direct processes and outcomes in waking life; a co-creating with the world. In time you will begin to fly with owl from mystery to wisdom, from darkness to light. Your night vision can reveal both questions and answers for you to discover in the process of your becoming.