Record Keeper

16. Record Keeper

Leaping from legend
Earth’s records unfold,
Ancient keeper of time
Let your story be told.

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The whale, according to legend, is the oldest, as well as, the largest mammal on Earth. In this piece the ancient past is represented by the large, smooth stone, within it lays the deep and distinct fossil impressions of an early creature of Earth. Upon this stone lay Devonian coral fossils from several hundred million years ago. Moving to behind this whale’s fluke, a shell has opened revealing an opaque white piece of glass once enclosed within the shell. A newborn swims close to its mother (the smooth, curved, white, opaque glass), representing a new age of discovery.

This ancient being has been found to be of high intelligence and sensitivity. Scientists, studying and decoding this mammal’s many songs, have discovered a language and communication system of sophistication beyond that of the rest of the animal kingdom. Whales have been known to respond to human music with their own song or “riff”, in a symbolically communicative act. What can we learn from them? Is it possible that, as legends reveal, they carry the knowledge of our prehistory, of the civilizations of the lost continents of Atlantis and Mu? We know that whales were once land creatures. Are they, in fact, our Atlantian ancestors? Those who swim and interact with whales have found them to be not only awesome, but gentle and friendly in their presence. Does the opening of the shell in this assemblage signify a time for revealing the white light of higher truths kept from us because of our different, and possibly less communicable, language system? Because we have used and abused this great being, we were not ready to respect or imagine its capabilities which may, in fact, be equal to ,if not, exceed that of humans.

If you have chosen Record Keeper for your meditation, you are being awakened to a new perspective regarding your vast past. You are to explore and open yourself to the knowledge and intelligence of your prehistoric past accumulated in your collective unconscious. You, too, are a storehouse of records untapped. You are also urged to broaden your view of intelligent life forms. Human beings are not the sole masters of higher knowledge and intelligence. Breaking down our humanoid centrism will prepare us to learn from all forms in the cosmic universe of which we are a part. This will expand our capability to decode and encode languages spoken in means other than words as we know them and prepare us for communication with our cosmic neighbors.

On the mundane level, you are being reminded to be aware of everything in your environment, making conscious notes of your experiences and reactions, as well as those of others. Perhaps a journal or diary should be used. As a secretary, no judgment is called for, only observation and accurate record keeping, an exercise in conscious detachment.