Cetacean Lesson

15 Cetacean Lesson

Songs from the sea
In language unknown
Listen my friends
And the truth shall be shown.

Joyful and playful
Sisters of the seaÖ
Release from the soul
Let the spirit be free,
Lessons to heal humanity.

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Here we have a pod of porpoises up to the surface for a breath of life sustaining air. The sight of their gracefully curved, sleek form surfing the seas stirs in us a sense of movement and joy. An abundance of sea life surrounds them. They speed along the surface of the water with flowing ease. They travel in small groups frolicking in the waves. Even their mouths seem to be perpetually smiling. Dolphins have shown us their repertoire of tricks, dancing, twisting, flipping and leaping to great heights. They appear to invite humans to join in their glee. And some do. Swimming with dolphins has been reported to be an exhilarating venture into higher dimensions of reality along with a sense of healing and nurturance. These porpoises show no fear and have few enemies. Their way of life involves camaraderie, movement and joy; a sort of playful game where each individual is free to express itself while remaining an integral member of a group of travelers.

What can we learn from our intelligent sisters of the sea? The lessons are many. First, lightheartedness. Have you become so serious in the entrapping of everyday trials and tribulations that you forget how to have fun? Taking life so seriously removes you from creating a balance with joy. Do you wallow in self-pity? Your woes are part of living and learning, not shackles binding your freedom forever. If you can move with grace and ease through the waters of life, nothing can keep you bound. You have positive, exciting energies to be expressed, not bound within. Second, is freedom of expression. Are you able to let go of the hold that the opinions of others have on you? Your individuality is a contribution to the whole. Find it and bring it forth. Your release frees others to express. Repression is the denial of soulís desire to be recognized. Every soul is an artist and musician awaiting expression in some form. Let it loose! Third, is sharing individuality and soul with the group. Together your spontaneity releases creativity. Like a good brainstorming session, every input is a possibility toward discovery of a solution or new perspective. Once you let it flow, a gate opens and more and more bursts through, often to your own surprise. Allow this to happen for yourself as well as for others.

Becoming a free spirit is not just for the poet or artist, but for every human. Cultural values may be needed to control mass behavior, but they are not the definition of who you are and how you need to express yourself. Find your soulís expression and release it to the universe. Donít take yourself so seriously with fears and reservations. Loosen the leash and take a new lease on life. The healing that follows will be a relief to you and others. Be gentle, kind and loving to yourself and others in your new-found freedom of spirit.