14 Knowing

Interact with the past
Feel the present
Step into the future
Prepared by your lesson.

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The base of this piece is what remains of an old wooden scrub brush washed ashore from a ship of long ago. Underneath, the bristles have been worn away leaving rows of holes where they once attached. At top center can be seen the hole which held the brush’s stick handle. Protruding from another identical hole across from it is a figure shaped as the great Sphinx. This Sphinx can be removed and replaced because of the naturally formed knob beneath it which fits perfectly into the hole. Behind the Sphinx a curved expansion spreads to both side ends of the base and seems to guard or protect the open cavity. Beside the Sphinx is a double coral fossil from the Devonian Age.

The Sphinx represents ancient secret knowledge. Its maneuverability here suggests an opportunity to interact with it, to uncover its secrets, to get to the bottom of the unseen. The age of disclosure is upon us. Archaeologists, Egyptologists and other scientists have recently discovered the door to a here-to-fore hidden chamber inside the famous Sphinx in Egypt. What is to be found inside the chamber is soon to be discovered. Some say it contains ancient records of the history of life. Inside, there is an alignment of a light shaft with the constellation Orion. There are theories of the silent Sphinx having served as a marker for a landing strip of ancient astronauts. A great protector is seen protruding out toward the future bringing forth these ancient secrets of world soul to the present and future. These ancients had a sense of their connection to the Earth and the Universe which has been lost to our present civilization.

If you have chosen Knowing, you can bring this connection back to a living with the Earth and Cosmos as part of who you are. Real individuality develops when your human relationship with the world of all things and living beings becomes part of you soul. This active involvement brings the future to the present so that your living represents the soul of the world for the future. This remembering of the soul of the world actively enlivens the present which is built on the past but imagines the future. Re-connect with nature and the cosmic universe. You are not separate from them. Study the relationships and see yourself as an integral part of this whole. When humans remember how to embrace the Soul of the World as their own, wholeness will be restored in self and nature. Each individual plays a part in creating the future by fully feeling the living present. In the present, this feeling activity of the soul will direct us toward new galactic awareness, which in turn, will guide us into an age of recovery, understanding, harmony and wisdom.