Ancient Mysteries

13. Ancient Mysteries

Praises to mysteries
From the past
Hidden secrets to be
Revealed at last.

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The pyramid, central to this piece, is the symbolic structure found in highly evolved civilizations of Earth’s past. In this case, the step pyramid, or ziggurat, the earliest found in Sumer and later, in Egypt and the Americas. Ancient engineering, which has remained a mysterious secret to the present, is being revealed in our time, presenting us with a new view and expanded concept of our past and galactic link. Scholars of Sumerian texts reveal these steps as DUR.AN.KI or “bond Heaven Earth”. These structures were precisely placed in symmetrical, directional orientation and served as astronomical/astrological cult centers. Sophisticated calendars and mathematical systems of record keeping are found here.

On the left, the serpent, another venerated symbol of the ancients, is associated with knowing, or “he who knows secrets”, as well as, with healing (caduceus- entwined serpents) and possessed God-like qualities as in Enki (Sumerian), Nahash (Hebrew) and Quetzcoatl (Aztec). Near the serpent is an egg, symbolizing birth. To the left of the pyramid is a rounded piece of bone representing life and death, and serves as a receptacle for an unusual Goddess stone. The stone forms a face or skull; the hole through it are eyes which are crystalline. This suggests that vision through the crystal eyes empower the viewer with here-to-fore impervious images of the past, as well as, the future.

Following to the right is a standing moon figure with a yellow feather, facing the pyramid and guarding the Goddess stone. Another crystalline stone catching the rays of the sun, represents Light or truth, followed by the large figure with arms raised to the Light, as in praise and awe of the sacred knowledge before it.

If you have chosen Ancient Mysteries, you are being invited into a time and place of revealed secrets. To be there you must be free of preconceived beliefs or teachings that are barriers to truth. You must examine what you have accepted as truth due to cultural, religious, familial or fear conditioning, and open yourself to other possibilities. You must break apart tightly held definitions and opinions to free yourself to receive Light. Then peer through the crystalline eyes of an ancient skull and see an enlightened vision. This will enable you to spark the creativity, intuition and knowledge which have been lying dormant in the secret recesses of your mind.