12. Stamina

Strength and power
In graceful repose
Solid, grounded
Prepared for all foes.

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The beings of this piece have found solid support upon which to rest as they pace themselves during their journey. The graceful, flowing form near the left focuses upon the Goddess head beside it crowned with the ancient horns of the sacred bull, representing strength and stability. Below, the Goddess stone confirms this power of strength in body, mind and spirit.

The arch above is firmly grounded, yet rises into the ethers of the spirit realm where a ring of power is found at the crest. The climbing creature to the right finds its niche and shares this solid support. The plump seed pod to its left is the symbol for sustenance. Life, in a multitude array of human, animal and plant forms, is represented here, the symbiotic relationship of biodiversity.

Stamina is the power to flourish throughout the course of a lifespan, to maintain a zest for life, a vigor which validates your purpose to evolve. This vitality is developed through intent. Will is the force that lights up the glow of the energy fields of awareness. Intent is of the spirit, awareness is of the mind. Your thoughts are recorded in your blood and throughout your body.

If you have chosen Stamina, you have learned or will learn the secrets to maintaining your physical, mental and spiritual powers. You can tap into the primal energy governed by light, sound and geometry. Thoughts direct the energy flows through your body. Direct your cells by filling them with light and asking them to build the parts of your body to work together through their idealized function. Drink plenty of purified water to cleanse the blood so it can carry more oxygen. Bring oxygen to the cells through deep, diaphragmatic breathing and daily exercise. Make space in your day to stop thinking and meditate. Find the form of meditation that best suits you and practice it daily, be it silent walks in nature, yoga forms, tai chi, or any method that removes inner dialogue and thought. This will restore and preserve energy.

The solid support providing stamina is found in the natural world. You must avoid synthetic chemicals which deplete your energy. Intent, once again, will light up the new awareness necessary to maintain stamina in these rapidly changing times. You must increase your awareness of these changes and learn how to cope and survive them.

It is now known that the dangerous man-made chemicals introduced into our environment are pervasive and have harmful effects upon every life form. The latest findings are that a large number of synthetic chemicals around us have been identified as hormone disrupters. The most known are dioxin and phthalates which are found in PVC, i.e., plastic. Dioxins resist breakdown in the environment, accumulate in the fatty tissue of living organisms and concentrate in increasing levels as they pass up through the food chain. We now carry significant levels of dioxin in our bodies.

Many chemicals causing hormone disruption are linked to chlorine production and plastic consumes about one third of all chlorine produced. Increasing ailments of today are related to hormonal and immune deficiencies and deviances. Our hormones regulate the body’s systemic functioning. You must seek alternatives to plastic like glass or paper. Especially avoid plastic which has a triangle with #3 in it. This plastic releases harmful chemicals during its production and disposal.

Next, you must exercise vigilance in you food choices. Organically grown food is the optimum in nutrition and is chemical free. The harmful effects of chemicals in fertilizers are many and diverse and not yet fully realized. The latest finding is that they mimic the hormone estrogen, elevating these levels in humans and animals, causing cancer and reduction in sperm counts.

Grow your own garden, subscribe to an organic farm program and/or shop at health conscious stores carrying organically produced products.

Be aware of and avoid all genetically modified foods. The practice of isolating and separating genes to produce plants resistant to pests and herbicides has produced hazardous side effects including allergies, brain damage and mutations. Genetically engineered bovine growth hormones (BST), GM tomatoes, corn and soybeans have invaded the food market and are found in many processed foods. Many transgenic plants carry genes for antibiotic resistance which increase the antibiotic resistance among pathogens and because they are designed to cross many species, they can infect many species and pick up genes from viruses to create new pathogens. Be informed. The normal course to health and vitality has been altered and obstructed by the attempts of humans to manipulate Nature.

Maintaining stamina is not a condition of chance. It requires your intent and awareness for the practice of all natural, health promoting processes in your life. You are, indeed, what you eat, drink, breathe, think and feel. Quality of life is the support and foundation of all vitality and the key to your active and positive evolution.