11. Give-Away

Through a thicket of plenty
A harvest to reap
Sharing with others
More than we keep.

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Abundance is the message here. A strong base supports a myriad of life and growth, all finding a niche of protection from which to flourish. The generous Goddess stone centers the piece and is cradled in her portal of safety, from which streams of light reach out to connect to both Earth and the Cosmos. She is surrounded by white frosted glass, a symbol of light, and by seeds of trees and sea wheat, the staff of life.

On the other side, a healing serpent connects to the expansive arm of a crowned Goddess. She stands in grateful awe of the harvest splendor of fertility around her. On the other end, a moon fossil, a smooth variegated rose stone, and an unusual mottled green stone, represent fertility and nurturing.

If you have chosen Give-Away, you are being called upon to count your blessings. You have the ability to create abundance that more than meets your needs. In gratitude and awe of the gifts from the Universe, you are able to share. Give-away is a practice among many tribal groups who understand that we own nothing, but are recipients of Earth’s great bounty which is for all creatures. Now is your time to recognize your gifts and find the joy in giving to others. The more you give, the more you can appreciate life and the Universe will continue to provide for you.