10. Acceptance

Peer past the portals
Dispel your fear
See a new future
A new age is here.

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This graceful assemblage rests upon a base with a large open portal. The gnarled, dark wood form has many crevices and holes from which the white fossil of an ancient past has emerged. A streamlined white and black stone atop represents the peaceful coexistence of differences. On the left, a very smooth, oval stone with embedded designs sparkles in the sunlight. The long, organic pod represents the seeds of new life and sustenance.

The simplicity here suggests peaceful acquiescence, a tacit compliance with the natural state or condition. The portal denotes a gateway to broadened vision and heightened dimensions. What is beyond the gateway is determined by your vision. Are you looking out or looking in? Are you seeing reality or illusion? Are you even looking? Or are you perplexed or paralyzed by your fear, unable to discern any new discovery beyond the gateway? No denial can alleviate your fear, but rather affirms and reinforces it. Energy expended in resistance can be redirected toward acceptance and growth.

The Information Age attests to the enigmatic forces of change crescendoing about us. The building of these forces can become an opportunity for regeneration and enhanced cognition, or you can entrench yourself in fear of change, becoming your own worst enemy and a block rather than a cog in the wheel of fortune.

This new age needs humanity to corroborate in enlightened awareness. Accept change as a way of life. The opportunity to evolve has never been greater.