Expansive Journey
1. Expansive Journey

She guides and protects…
Strong wings unfurled,
Traveling onward to
A brave new world.

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This piece suggests ancient mariners on a ship of long ago. The figurehead of a mythical creature leads at the bow. The navigator of this expedition stands at the center with great lateral extensions suggestive of wings, a symbol of the spiritual realm. Wooden pieces formed as feathers accentuate the wings of freedom and protection.

At the heart of this cosmic navigator is a large iridescent pink shell shaped as a heart. This represents love, peace and good health. The aura of this great guide and protector is seen as a white film radiating above her.

One voyager stands beneath the expansive wing wearing a white crown symbolizing spiritual energy open to the Light. At her feet are white and green smoothed glass representing truth, balance and harmony. Adjacent stones contain imbedded fossils in the form of crescent moons and a circle suggesting galactic unity and psychic energy. In front of this explorer is a cradle holding an ancient Devonian coral, signifying fertility, abundance and nurturance of primordial roots.

A dark figure stands behind, reaching out, representing the unknown past and future. On the left, a swirling wave flows across the stern washing up sea life, signifying nourishment from the sea, (water being the symbol of the feminine and the emotions).

If you have chosen Expansive Journey, you are being guided on a great adventure toward spiritual enlightenment. You have boarded the boat of beginnings bound for all possibilities. Passengers are guided by the light of love, balance, health and harmony. These are the instruments necessary for your spiritual journey. These will be expressed as compassion, empathy, nurturance, friendship, encouragement, humanitarianism and service.

As you embark upon your course you are embraced by the sea of emotions and feeling, i.e., in touch with but not engulfed by, your own feelings. This is the stabilizing balance needed to keep you from falling overboard.

The boat bears its bounty in the present protection of the cosmic Navigator who is a part of each voyager. The destination has not been determined. Trusting in the possibility of any and all possibilities, this excursion moves ever onward toward new worlds. Spiritual life begins in this life and beyond with an expansive journey.